Filatex Group, Sponsor of the Madagascar Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale

For the 58th Venice Biennale 2019, the Filatex Group is a sponsor of the Madagascar pavilion and Joël Andrianomearisoa’s installation, I have forgotten the night, which will be on show at the Venice Arsenal from 11 May to 27 November 2019. Filatex Group, a Malagasy corporate citizen company, responsible and committed through its support to childhood, education and the environment and public action support, intends to develop, with this first significant financing to the arts, its desire to support and promote Malagasy art worldwide.

A historic participation

This unprecedented participation of Madagascar in the Venice Biennale shows to the eyes of the world the artistic potential overflowing in the country and spotlights the resurgence of Madagascan art. It is also a milestone for the Venice Biennale, which for the first time welcomes the participation of Madagascar, thus recognizing Madagascar’s artistic maturity finding its place in the world’s art scene.

I have forgotten the night – Joël Andrianomearisoa – 2019
Installation – collage papier et sons – Dimensions variables © Patrice Sour

Madagascar thus reinforces Africa’s presence at the Venice Biennale, revealing the effervescence and creative strength of the continent, far from the clichés that are still too-often attributed to it. The Filatex Group, with this significant support of this exemplary event, contributes to this revelation. A decisive step for the group that precedes several equally decisive actions that will be upheld by the Managing Director, Hasnaine Yavarhoussen, and implemented by the Executive Director of the Arts & Culture Fund, Romy Andrianarisoa Voos, and all the dedicated teams. The Filatex Group with its new Arts & Culture Fund intends to promote and feature Malagasy art in Madagascar and in the eyes of the world; convinced that art and culture are the essential pillars for the development and establishment of sustainable and inclusive growth, a growth in which the Filatex Group actively participates. A commitment to its resurgence of cultural pride, driven by its singular identity that the Filatex Group wants to transmit to the new generations, thus contributing to building the future.

An access to a globalized market

Increasing growth, a lifestyle that is swinging into modernity, a geographical location favorable to trade: Madagascar offers undeniable advantages. The goal of the Filatex Group is to arouse this potential”— Hasnaine Yavarhoussen Managing Director 

 The Filatex Group has been supporting the development of Madagascar for 40 years. A designer of innovative real estate projects, the leading private energy producer on the big island and a progressive player in the hotel, restaurant and wellness sectors, the Filatex Group is contributing to Madagascar’s access to a globalized market. Responsible and pragmatic, the Filatex Group relies on trustworthy performance in developing its strategies. These actions stem from a desire to always give a positive impetus to the country. Throughout its history, the Filatex Group has demonstrated its support through its many development works: roads, highways, lighting … Public actions to boost the Malagasy territory and promote job creation. Ensuring the proper functioning of its expertise, while respecting people and the environment, allows the Group to foster multiple fields of activity: real estate, infrastructure, free-trade zones, energy and services.

Renewal, revitalization and modernization are the Group’s values in the emergence of new neighborhoods. Today, all decision-making is bearing fruit, allowing us to go even further in the design of innovative projects. A responsible commitment, which the Group wishes to pass on to the next generations through public actions that facilitate access to education along with a significant support in Art to promote the singularity of Malagasy creativity and innovation.


The 58th Venice Biennale will take place from 11 May to 24 November 2019.


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